Experiencing Climate Change Firsthand in Young Sound, Greenland

12/10/2021, Mikael Sejr, Aarhus University, Denmark Mikael Sejr and his team head out for another sampling season at the remote Greenland field station, where climate change is all too aparent.

INTAROS Heads North with a New Generation of Arctic Scientists

14/09/2021 Stein Sandven, NERSC Students take part in the 2nd UAK/INTAROS international summer school.

Facing the unexpected and unknown in Young Sound, Greenland

22/10/2019 Johnna Michelle Holding, Aarhus University, Denmark Johnna Michelle Holding recounts her adventures in Greenland.

Svalbard - the Island of controversy?

25/03/2019 Lisbeth Iversen, NERSC Lisbeth Iversen is back in Svalbard working with local communities, Arctic industries and stakeholders.

Going with the floe: KV Svalbard 2018 mission in the Arctic Ocean

07/09/2018 Espen Storheim, NERSC The summer is surely the best time of year to explore the Arctic.

Monitoring the Arctic atmosphere, where food is delivered only once a year

17/11/2017 Martijn Pallandt, Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry Travelling to the location of a former Gulag in northeast Siberia during the summer of 2017, Martijn describes the challenges of carrying out field work in such a remote but breathtaking environment and also explains why continuous atmospheric monitoring of the tundra environment is vital.

Former friends now seen as enemies in Svalbard

14/08/2017 Lisbeth Iversen, NERSC In Svalbard the mountains, the former friends and protectors of the community, have become the "enemy". Lisbeth Iversen (NERSC), representing the INTAROS project and students from Amalie Skram High School in Bergen, Norway, as part of the Regimes project, tell us about the first day of their field trip meeting community members in Svalbard.

Resourcefulness and resilience in the Arctic tundra

26/04/2017 , Scott Davidson, Sheffield University Scott Davidson, from the University of Sheffield realises his childhood dream of going to the Arctic. In this piece Scott tells us of the ups and downs of doing fieldwork on vegetation methane emissions in the Alaskan Arctic tundra, where he spent four months in 2014.

INTAROS contributes to International Arctic Assembly

14/05/2017 EurOcean Dr. scient. Finn Danielsen from NORDECO - an INTAROS partner - took part in a panel discussion focused on Knowledge Co-Production and Co-Management during the International Arctic Assembly which took place in Alaska during May 2017

Local knowledge supports decision-makers in managing living resources

25/04/2017 Michael K. Poulsen, NORDECO The PISUNA programme is a great example of how local people´s knowledge of the environment can be included in decision making