Scientific Themes

Themes and theme leaders

As a multidisciplinary project INTAROS conducts research in several scientific and cross-disciplinary themes, shown in the table below. To ensure that INTAROS is maintained as a multidisciplinary project a group of theme leaders are appointed. The theme leaders contribute to the strategy and requirement documents, stakeholder engagement, collaboration with other projects and producing the Roadmap for future Arctic observing systems.


The Theme leaders are:

Theme Person Institution
Atmosphere Mikael Tjernstrøm MISU
Ocean Thomas Soltwedel AWI
Sea Ice Georg Heygster UB
Glaciology Andreas Ahlestrøm   GEUS
Terrestrial Shaun Quegan USFD
Biogeochemistry Truls Johannessen UiB
Natural Hazards Mathilde Sørensen UiB
Data Management Torill Hamre NERSC
Modelling Ralf Döscher SMHI
Commmunity based systems    Finn Danielsen NORDECO