Supplementary Educational Resources

Simple Tutorials and Lectures

A selection of simple tutorials and lectures on a range of themes is available to support and augment the education offer to scientists. These tutorials and lectures are not currently part of a complete educational package, but may eventually be developed into a new themed package for greater learning potential. These materials are available on the INTAROS website in the area dedicated to learning materials for scientists.


Tutorials and Lectures:

Collaborative Resource Management - New UArctic Thematic Network. Finn Danielsen, Nordeco, 2021.

North of Svalbard - A vital region at the entrance to the Arctic. Hydrography and biogeochemistry. Angelika Renner et al., 2021.

Stable water isotope observations during INTAROS cruises North of Svalbard: links to atmospheric circulation and sea ice processes. Alexandra Touzeau, University of Bergen, 2020.

Engaging fishermen in documenting resources: Lessons from PISUNA in Greenland. PâviâraK Jakobsen, Qeqertalik Municipality, Greenland, 2021.


Informative Films:

Ice discharge from Greenland Ice Sheet. Francisco Navarro, UPM.


Field Missions:

KV Svalbard 2018 expedition: The INTAROS field experiment North of Svalbard in 2018 is documented in a film prepared for the INTAROS and UAK projects - Useful Arctic Knowledge. The INTAROS field experiment was planned and led by Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center. Seventeen scientists from several countries and different generations participated in this cruise deploying instruments to measure oceanic, atmospheric and geophysical parameters.

INTAROS Cruise 2018 – Isotope installation. Impressions from the installation of stable water isotope measurement instrumentation on icebreaker KV Svalbard.

INTAROS – Journey to the Ice: In 2019 a group of Danish scientist responsible for the surveillance of the melt from the Greenland Ice Sheet discovered that a crucial weather station was broken. Here is their journey to the Greenland Ice sheet, and to recover the data for the INTAROS project.

Experiencing climate change first hand. An informative film about scientific field studies in Greenland, developed and produced by Deep Sea Reporter with the collaboration of INTAROS’s Mikael Sejr, Aarhus University.

Updated 20 July 2022