Coastal Zone Canada: IQALUIT 2021


The Coastal Zone Canada Association (CZCA) is a nationally incorporated non-profit society of coastal zone management professionals committed to promoting Integrated Coastal Zone Management practices in Canada and abroad. The Iqaluit 2021 conference is just one in a series of conferences organised by CZCA.


Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) is founded on four Maligait or natural laws, including: 1) Working for the common good; 2) Protecting all living things; 3) Maintaining balance; and 4) Continually planning and preparing for the future.  IQ speaks to the inter-connectedness of the world and Inuit society’s respect for our place in the universe.  These natural laws are also excellent principles for the sustainable management and protection of our coastal communities and environment.  They have helped shape the conference agenda and select our conference theme:


“Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit:  Planning and Preparing for the Future”


Subthemes of the conference include:


INTAROS' Finn Danielsen will contribute with the following presentation:

Capacity development to promote collaborative coastal resource management and community-based monitoring in the Arctic. Dr. Finn Danielsen, Mr. Jason Akearok, Ms. Lene Kielsen Holm (deceased), Dr. Olivia Lee,  Prof. Mark Nuttall.


Dates: 13-16 June 2021.

Location: Nunavut, Canada, and Online.

Further Information: Please see the conference website.