Guided Tour of INTAROS Data Catalogue


Have you visited INTAROS data catalogueINTAROS collects data within key regions of the Arctic, and provides access to these datasets and other datasets of relevance to our targeted stakeholders. This Data Catalog contains descriptions of collected, derived and estimated datasets that are generated within the project.


In the 10 min. video below Christain Rønnevik from University of Bergen demonstrates how to access the INTAROS Data Catalogue for earthquakes in the Arctic region. 


In the video, users of the earthquake catalogue will be introduced to the service and given advice on how to request data in different international formats. Solutions to technical issues are also addressed.   


The catalogue is described in detail by Jeddi et al. (2018) found in appendix 4 of Deliverable 2.9. Check it out!



25 February 2021